Finally! Lasting peace in your family today without spanking, threats, guilt, or expensive therapists.

No more public embarrassment! This easy to understand program will give you the secret to handle acting out behaviors with ease.

INCLUDES: 5 easy listening & instructional audios for parents; 2 quick reference guidebooks for parents; 1 activity guidebook for families; 1 storybook and one coloring book for children ages 2 to 8; 1 audio for children including story, song, & special bonus relaxation exercise to teach children to release stress and drift off to sleep easily.

Our full "no questions asked" 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We are so confident this program will work for you that if you don’t experience results in your family in just 30 Days return it for a full refund.

Parents all over the world are discovering Maggie's breakthrough method to immediately change your child's behavior, without threats, punishment or therapy. You can end back talk, disrespectful and ignoring behaviours, tantrums, arguing, bickering, lying, fighting, and more! Entertaining and educational tools can be applied in just minutes at home.

What people are saying

JaneThis is a phenomenal course that combines heart, wisdom, spirit, and love with practical and hands-on tools and ideas. It brought me back to my inner wisdom and intentions and empowered me to look within first to create the family vision I want/have. It is amazing to see the instant manifestation of my parenting intentions!.... tangible results within hours of doing the exercises! Thank you, Maggie, for your inspirational stories and your "guilt-free" way to parenting! You have over-delivered on my expectations!

Jane Campardo, JMC Management Consulting, Summerland BC
I'm convinced! I want harmony and peace in my family!

What people are saying

BobbyIn implementing these tools my relationship with my strong-minded son has totally changed. I feel so empowered and this has done wonders for my self-esteem. My son loves the emotions chart. He stands at the fridge and tells us each emotion and what they mean. There were so many times I was stunned! Your work also helped me to realize a lot about myself. My emotions fuel my sons' emotions and vice versa. The thing is we are so connected with our own children. 

Bobby Weir Grande Prairie AB
I'm convinced! I want harmony and peace in my family!

Important tip from the When Kids Act Out ~Calming the Chaos program:

The fact is acting out behavior comes from children's inability to handle their own emotions. The young child's brain simply isn't developed enough yet. "Calming the Chaos" focuses on this root cause and not only ends acting out behaviors but gives your child that ability to handle emotions better as they grow up.

A 30 year study by Dr. John Gottman followed toddlers into adulthood to measure the effects on children who were emotionally coached by their parents. Those children/adults were more confident, more empathic and less impulsive. They had less difficulty dealing with bullying situations, got better grades, and did better on standardized tests. They also had lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels, as well as lower levels of depression and suicide. This program teaches you how to emotionally coach your child… can you think of a better gift for your child… or for yourself?

Don't feel guilty anymore. Maggie takes the guilt and confusion out of parenting, and this program puts more love & laughter back in your home.

What people are saying

AdeleI listen to the audio regularly. I love it… I feel like I am handling my parenting so much better now. I am calm, the girls are happy and days have just been bliss. Your program has not only helped me be more in tune with my girls, but kinder with myself also. I only wish mothers would talk to each other more honestly about their experiences (mothers talk but usually only say what they think society allows them to). We all look at other mothers and think they are perfect and it sets an unrealistic expectation and pressure on yourself. Before I never recognised the good things I did with my girls, I only dwelled on all the things I did wrong and therefore thought I was a terrible parent. Now I know better, I'm a normal parent.

Adele Daly, South Australia

In this program you will discover:

    • The secret tool to calm children immediately and end acting out behavior
    • How to raise your child to handle their emotions,  not to be controlled by them
    • How to develop emotional intelligence in your child (identified as the key to success in life)
    • How to have a calm, cooperative, and happy home
    • The Family Vision Technique that ensures your success and positive growth in the home
    • How effective discipline today generates harmony and cooperation through the teen years
    • How to get the respect and appreciation you deserve

What people are saying

Maggie, we are SO enjoying life with our teenagers – we're having a great time – and that is largely because of what I learned from you when they were young and you were our CBC parenting guru!

Marion Barschell, CBC Radio Host, Kelowna BC
I'm convinced! I want harmony and peace in my family!

Here is a letter from a parent just like you:

TammyThe tantrums were happening 10 – 15 times per day and they were outrageous. I had never seen a child scream, flail, kick, hit, and literally climb a wall like she did. Her tantrums were lasting up to an hour! I calmly followed Maggie's suggestions from her Temper Tantrum Kit and within 10 minutes, she stopped the tantrum, came over to me, sat on my lap and hugged me. I hugged her back and breathed a sigh of relief. I was truly shocked!

Tammy Jacobs, GP, AB


Right now you have an important choice to make:

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Your family will never be the same and you get to see your child grow up with a strong and balanced emotional mindset that will lead to future success… for generations to come.

So you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I'm convinced! I want harmony and peace in my family!